Planning & Zoning Division

The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for all current and long range planning functions for the City. Current planning involves land development projects including zone clearance for building permits, use permits, design review permits, and subdivisions. In contrast, long range planning encompasses preparing and updating the City’s General Plan, which serves as the blueprint for development in the City, and maintaining the City’s Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Maps.

Planning and Zoning Documents

  1. Abandoned Property Registration (PDF)
  2. ADU Compliance Packet (PDF)
  3. ADU Packet (PDF)
  4. ADU Tiny House Packet November 24th, 2021 (PDF)
  5. Allocation Application (PDF)
  6. Arcade Landmark Sign Application Historic Preservation Commission (PDF)
  7. Certificate Of Compliance (PDF)
  8. Concept Review Application (PDF)
  9. Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
  10. Design Review Permit Application (PDF)
  11. Directors Exemption From Design Review Permit (PDF)
  12. ER Summary (PDF)
  13. Final Parcel Tract Map (PDF)
  14. General Plan Amendment Application (PDF)
  15. Historic Landmark Nomination Application (PDF)
  16. Home Occupation (PDF)
  17. HPC For Arcade Pennant (PDF)
  18. HPC Landmark Designation (PDF)
  19. Instructions For Submitting Applications Form (PDF)
  20. Lot Line Adjustment Application (PDF)
  21. Mills Act Application (PDF)
  22. Mills Act Brochure Approved July 11th, 2019 (PDF)
  23. Minor Cup Application (PDF)
  24. Minor Variance (PDF)
  25. Miscellaneous Permit (PDF)
  26. Mural Application (PDF)
  27. Outdoor Display Guidelines (PDF)
  28. Planned Development Permit Application (PDF)
  29. Pre Application Conference Application (PDF)
  30. Property Owners Labels Public Request Form (PDF)
  31. Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  32. Smoking Prohibition Flier (PDF)
  33. Subdivision Tentative Tract Parcel Map (PDF)
  34. Temporary Use Permit Application (PDF)
  35. Temporary Use Permit Minor Adopted December 14, 2021 (PDF)
  36. Text Amendment (PDF)
  37. Tree Permit Application (PDF)
  38. Tree Risk Assessment Form (PDF)
  39. TUP Application By Executive Order with ATTA (PDF)
  40. Vacant Property Registration Permit (PDF)
  41. Variance Application (PDF)
  42. Variance Minor Application (PDF)
  43. Work Permit Application Historic Preservation Commission (PDF)
  44. Zone Change (PDF)
  45. Zoning Clear Temporary Outdoor Covid-19 (PDF)
  46. Zoning Clearance (PDF)
  47. Zoning Clearance For A Building Permit (PDF)
  48. Zoning Clearance For Business License Application (PDF)
  49. Zoning Clearance For Fences Walls Screening Application (PDF)