Emergency Preparedness

Community Disaster Guide

Produced in partnership with local and regional stakeholders, Ojai's Community Disaster Guide provides locally tailored, at-a-glance information for residents, visitors, and businesses. It helps ensure that we are all connected with reliable and trusted information sources and working together to keep ourselves and our community safe.

#Stay Safe Ojai

Preparedness is everyone's responsibility. The City of Ojai wants to ensure those who live, work, or play in Ojai are ready for threats and hazards that may affect our community. #staysafeojai is the City's ongoing campaign designed to keep emergency preparedness and safety front and center. Watch our Facebook page for the #staysafeojai hashtag.

Where to Get Trusted Emergency Information

County of Ventura

City of Ojai

  • AM Radio 1610: The City's radio station will broadcast updates
  • My Ojai City App: Register to receive important notifications and to report issues and concerns
  • City Social Media:
  • Portable e-Message Trailers: City and County will place at key traffic sites
  • City of Ojai Website: Will post banner alerts on its homepage
  • City of Ojai TV: Spectrum Cable Channel 10

Media & Communications Partners

When the Power Is out

If there is a loss of power and/or cell services during an emergency, the City may use some or all of the following tools for distributing information:

  • Phone hotline
  • Radio updates on AM 1610
  • Media alerts
  • Portable e-message trailers
  • Loudspeakers in vehicles
  • Ham radio collaboration
  • Neighborhood liaisons
  • Printed materials at Emergency Information Stations:
    • Westridge Markets/Vons
    • Ojai Valley Humane Society
    • Soule Park Golf Course
    • Nordhoff High School Evacuation Center