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Ojai Day, the annual City community event, will not be held this year (2020) due to the Coronavirus and public health orders

Ojai Day was scheduled for October 17, 2020. However, the City will continue the longstanding tradition of the mandala. The mandala is painted by local artists (Mandala Mavens Rivers Sauvageau, Evergreen Hericks and Mary Kennedy) and volunteers. This year the Mandala Mavens are painting the mandala in the fountain area of Libbey Park. The painting will begin on Monday, October 19 and continue through Thursday, October 22. School children will be invited to help. Masks, social distancing, and all COVID-19 requirements will be implemented. To volunteer on the project, please contact River Sauvageau at riverjaguar@gmail.com, Susan Evergreen Hericks at evergreen.hericks@gmail.com, Mary Kennedy at rtkstudios1979@gmail.com, or via Facebook @Ojai Day Mandala A
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