Transparent Government

Welcome to the City of Ojai's Government Transparency page, where we've made a variety of information pertaining to City business and operations readily available in a single centralized location. Can't find what you're looking for? Please email the City and let us know how we can improve access to your City government. 

Board & Commission Agendas 

Agendas identify the specific topics that will be discussed at a public meeting. To ensure that the public is informed about meetings that may impact them, the Brown Act requires that agendas be posted 72 hours prior to a scheduled meeting. The law also limits meeting discussion to items listed on the agenda. Closed session meetings may be held to discuss legal or personnel issues. These meetings allow public comment related to the item being discussed only.

Public Comments

All public meetings accept public comment, either in person, by letter, email or Zoom. Comments not offered at the meeting are provided to the Council or Commission members. City Council comments are available to view on the City's website.

View City Council Public Comments

Public Records Request

We have various public records, such as minutes, resolutions and ordinances for City Council, Planning Commission and other City Boards, Commissions and Committees, available to citizens. Please complete the 

Public Hearings

Public hearings are one of the ways we receive input on proposals impacting the community. The City will post notices of all upcoming public hearings on the City Clerk's webpage, at City Hall, and in the local newspaper.

Salary Information

Citywide Goals and Priorities

Our goals and priorities help build a foundation for decision-making. Visit the links below to view recently approved goals and supporting documents.

Conflict of Interest Statements

The California Political Reform Act requires City Council members and some City employees to disclose their personal financial interests by completing and filing Form 700 each year. The purpose is to help government officials identify potential conflicts of interest and to inform the public of potential conflicts. Form 700 filings are public records, available to anyone who requests them. Contact the Deputy City Clerk for more information.  Additionally, the City has a separate policy for the distribution of tickets and passes received by the City.