Ojai Day 2019 Poster

Ojai Day 2019 Poster Artwork by Rex Kochel


The Ojai Day poster has a long and rich history, with dozens of accomplished Ojai artists participating in this long standing tradition. We are honored to have Ojai Studio Artist Rex Kochel join their ranks. The vibrant colors of his watercolor City Centerpiece evoke a nostalgia of Ojai Days gone by.

is an artist who lives in Ojai, California. His artwork spans over a 30 years, beginning as an instructor at Ventura High School before he retired in 2004. A long time member of both the Buenaventura Art Association and the Santa Barbara Art Association, he was juried into the prestigious Ojai Studio Artists group upon his retirement after 34 years in public education as a classroom instructor and basketball coach.

Rex has had his work displayed in Avalon, Catalina Island at C.C. Gallaghers, but has focused most recent work on locations where he has traveled with the new found time as an educator retiree. The works displayed on this web site reflect Rex’s travels in Mexico, Peru, Panama, Argentina, as well as a large amount of time spent painting in San Francisco, California in addition to painting in his home locale of Ventura County, California.

Rex’s artwork has evolved continuously since he first took classes in his mid-30′s. Constant has been his strong compositional focus, with his paintings frequently moving towards abstract realism. The characteristic whimsical and lyrical style is a result of Rex’s creative process. Many paintings begin as blind continuous line drawings on location, that are later adjusted and painted in his Ojai studio. Since 2007 his work has included collage and limited acrylic over painting.

From his first solo show, entitled ‘Eclectic Explorations’, Rex’s work has been diverse, and will certainly continue to branch off in new directions. It is hoped that you can enjoy the ride as much as he has.

Rex’s studio in the beautiful Ojai Valley is open for visits by appointment. Call (80S) 798-2916. He would enjoy showing you his current projects and meeting you. You can view other works by Mr. Kochel at www.kochelart.com


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