Ojai Valley Youth Foundation Teen Stage

Ojai Valley Youth Foundation Teen Stage

Come and see performances from school groups and young musicians at our Teen Stage, located on Ojai Avenue at Fox Street. Many thanks to the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation for supporting our local youth.

Masters of Ceremonies: Emma Rose Allen and Jem Ruf


 10: 05-10:15 Evelyn Clerou- Huey

10:20- 10:55 Jem Ruf

11:00-12:00 The Voice Studio /LA

12:15-12:45 Blue Moon Singers

12:50- 1:20 Kaylie Turner

1:30 Oak Grove

2:00 Besant Hill

3:00 Shalan Billault Lee

3:30:4:00 Shalan and Jeff 

4:10-4:30 Sophie Massey 



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