Other Activities and Performances

Other Activities and Performances

Check out all of the other exciting activities and performances happening around Ojai Day!

11:00 am           Madrigali Singers in the Arcade Tunnel

11:00 am           Libbey Playground Art Ribbon Cutting

All Day             Tours of the Jail in Lower Libbey Park

Small Stages

Big Performers

In the Food Court

11 am        Shelby Figueroa

12 pm      TD Lind

1 pm       Alec Ledbetter

2 pm      Sophie Holt

On Ojai Avenue 1

1 pm       Emily Hay

2 pm      Peasant Boy Gregg

3 pm      Mike Doran & Jeff Uzzel

4 pm     Living Aikido

On Ojai Avenue 2

11 am      Hannah Jobus

12 pm     James Morrison

1 pm       Francisco Leon

2 pm      Nick Schlesinger

3 pm      Dave Cipriani

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