Gypsy Gazebo

Gypsy Gazebo

David Baker (257)


Go get groovy at the Gypsy Gazebo in Libbey Park with this exciting lineup of belly dancing and Middle Eastern music!





11:00 am    Open Dance

12:00 pm    Alas Latinas

1:15 pm      Anne Visocky

1:25 pm      Veronique

1:35 pm      Gena Rose

1:45 pm      Jessica of Ojai

1:55 pm      Olivia Davi

2:10 pm      Anja and Anja’s Court

2:30 pm      Celeste

2:40 pm      Lisa

2:50 pm      Laura Johnson

3:00 pm      Yasemin

3:10 pm       Zia

3:20 pm      Sheenedra

3:40 pm      Tandava

4:00 pm     Eden Flynn & Basho

4:20 pm     Chel & Jebrain of Conscious Creatrix Collective

4:40 pm      Isha Ferraz and Hamsa Dance

4:55 pm      Joanne Terry



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